Old Masters Oil Painting Thinning Mediums



Owner Michael Damico is also a life long artist and has been exploring deeply the science behind oil painting. After much trial and error he has found the perfect oil paint thinning medium mixtures you can use. These mediums are used in the Flemish Old Masters techniques of painting in layers using the fat over lean idea as you progress. This ensures the long lifespan of your oil paintings and prevents cracking. He has also blended his mediums with the ideal kinds of oils to avoid discoloration and yellowing that can occur over long period of times. Paint with confidence, take the worry out of which ratio you were using last time you were working on a painting, and simply grab the correct bottle of medium and get to work. A little goes a long way and it’s not advised to thin more than about 80% paint to 20% medium (dont stress, this isn’t precise science ratio just a rough guide, do the best you can). If you have a need for larger quantities than what is sold please call and let’s discuss your needs.

  • Thinning in 4 easy steps: toning layer, umber/under painting, dead/monochromatic layer, final color glazing and tinting.
  • Pre-mixed: varieties of distilled turps, damar varnishes, and stand oils created in the perfect ratios for each layer
  • 3/4-oz. and 2-oz. available
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3/4-oz., 2-oz.

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Full Set of 4, Individual-#1, Individual-#2, Individual-#3, Individual-#4


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