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Product Review: Genie Canvas

by zepplin153 | January 10th, 2018

by Michael Damico As a fine artist, I’ve participated in my fair share of art shows, gallery exhibits, and the like. I landed in the perfect business as a custom framer, too. Because I’m constantly immersed in the world of art and photography. That also means that I’m regularly talking to artists about the trials […]

Emerald Estock: Perseverance – Lessons About Life & Art on the AT

by zepplin153 | December 13th, 2017

Blog post by guest artist and photographer, Emerald Estock The other day I was at Damico’s discussing some framing options with Mel and John for a couple of my new pieces. Michael was passing through and stopped to see how things were going. I mentioned that a 3rd gallery had just expressed interest in representing […]

3 Mistakes Artists Make

by zepplin153 | December 1st, 2017

by Michael Damico A large part of my business includes working directly with artists. Since I’m an accomplished artist who also understands the business of art, the nature of my work leads to a lot of consulting. In fact, my company also offers mentoring, marketing, and managing for artists and photographers. With that said, I […]

Stop Branding Yourself: You’re a Human, not a Commodity!

by zepplin153 | November 9th, 2017

by Tiffany Vance-Huffman com·mod·i·ty kəˈmädədē/ noun noun: commodity; plural noun: commodities a raw material or primary agricultural product that can be bought and sold, such as copper or coffee. “The President in Washington sends word that he wishes to buy our land. But how can you buy or sell the sky? the land? The idea is strange […]

3 Tips for Photography & Art Care that Everyone Should Know

by zepplin153 | October 10th, 2017

Are you about to frame a piece of art? Are you deciding on the best place to hang a photo? Well, whether you’re thinking in terms of home, office, hospital, or museum, there are a few art tips and photo techniques that everyone needs to know. Our goal with photography and art care is to […]

Married Life: When Two Artists Unite

by zepplin153 | September 29th, 2017

by Michael Damico I’m an artist and so is my wife. I always thought two of the same thing would be a tough relationship. I’m not sure why. I mean, whenever I heard anyone say something like, “Yeah, we’re both musicians” or “We’re both actors,” I assumed that was a really tough situation. So, when […]

Art Business: 3 Things Every Professional Artist Needs to Know

by zepplin153 | September 28th, 2017

by Michael Damico Whether you’re a budding artist who is toying with selling your work or a seasoned professional, there are just some things every artist should know for success. These tips apply to those who want to start an art business. That is, those who want to turn their art into profit. But it’s […]

How Much to Charge for Your Work

by zepplin153 | September 15th, 2017

by Michael Damico I am both an artist and a business owner in the field of fine art and photography. So, people regularly ask me how much to charge for their work. I’ve heard from the gamut of artists, including illustrators, painters, photographers, crafters, performance artists, and more. It all works in the same way. […]

How to Sell on Etsy

by zepplin153 | July 24th, 2017

One of the questions we get asked pretty regularly is: how do I sell on Etsy? At this stage, most of you have already done quite a bit of homework. You might even be ready to take the final steps and start listing your artwork on a 3rd-party shop. But first, you still need more […]

Scanning and Printing Services: July 2017 FREEBIE!

by zepplin153 | June 30th, 2017

Did you know we offer scanning and printing services? We’ve been doing it for years and it’s no joke to say that we are absolute pros at it, too! By the way, we proudly tout that we are using the best printer on the planet when it comes to reproducing your scanned images….literally. But what’s […]

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